March, 2023

I worked on a project with Cooperatus to convert a client’s book into a web app enabling users to easily enter data. It also included creating PDFs from the entered data, and saving that data locally for future use. I was in charge of the frontend, which I created and wrote tests for. While this project was ultimately shelved at the client’s request, it was a great opportunity to work with a new team and flex my testing and communication skills, as I was the bulk of the QA team.

Technologies: React


February, 2023

I reviewed and updated workflows of the initial version of the restauranteur portion of the web app. I refined portions of the workflow and identified and fixed numerous bugs.

Technologies: React

Personal Projects - Experiments & Practice

Project Tracker

April, 2023

A project from the Frontend Masters course, “Build a Fullstack App with Next.js, v2”. Features basic authentication, routing, API, styles, and DB manipulation in NextJS 13+.

Technologies: React, Next.js 13, Prisma

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